Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don’t Let a Bully Control You: Tips for Standing Up to a Bully

If a bully is making your life miserable, it’s time to take control. You’re an important person. No one has the right to threaten you. Being bullied can make you feel lonely, sick, and desperate. Here are a few tips to stop the bullying:

  • Take a stand. Sometimes a bully doesn’t think anyone will stand up to him. When you stand up for yourself, he will realize you’re stronger than he thought. Be brave! You can do it.

  • Tell someone. If you’re at school, tell a teacher. Let them know you’re being bullied and ask for help. If that teacher doesn’t help, go to another teacher. If you’re being harassed in your neighborhood or somewhere else, talk to an adult. Tell your parents, your aunt, your uncle, or another adult. Someone will listen.

  • Get together. Bullies don’t usually pick on one person. Get together with someone else who is being bullied and talk about how you’re feeling. Help each other stand up to the teasing. The bully will get the hint that you’re not taking it anymore.

  • Know you’re an important person. Tell yourself how important you are. You have a right to live a happy life. You don't deserve to be bullied.

  • Don’t sink to his level. Fighting isn’t the solution. Don’t get discouraged, give up, and think that fighting is the answer. It isn’t. Be strong. Eventually, the bully is going to be in trouble for his behavior.

    • By using these tips, you’re taking control of the situation. Remember: Don’t give up! By being brave and standing up for yourself, you’re going to become a stronger person.


      Theresa Schultz said...

      Great post Lisa. This was a big problem at my son's school a couple of years ago. They even instigated a special program to teach the kids how to handle these problems.


      Judy said...

      I agree with Theresa - wonderful post. Kids are afraid to respond and sometimes parents don't get the whole picture. Lots of good info here.

      Take care,

      terri.forehand said...

      Wow, right on target with what is going on in today's schools. After teaching high school health occupations for 4 years, I can tell you it happens everyday in the classroom and in the hallways. Good advice for parents and kids alike.