Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Ability to Laugh at Myself

Ask me about it sometime… the ability to laugh at myself. I have that ability. It came at an early age, because I was always doing silly things… and getting caught doing them!

I’ve had a sense of humor as long as I can remember. Between that and my crazy laugh, my friends in school dubbed me “Chuckles.” Yes, a silly nickname. But they hit the nail on the head.

Some days I wonder how I end up doing the silly things I do. Like the time I tried to remove my pantyhose without removing my slacks first. Or the time I fell across a mop bucket in gym class…a mop bucket with wheels! Talk about the ride of my life!

Through these and other goofy moments in my life, I’ve gained the knowledge that there are times in our lives when we just have to laugh at ourselves. Why not? Sure, it might be embarrassing, but it might also be hilarious. Why not just admit it and have fun with it? I mean, come on... I ended up with a pair of pantyhose with one leg made to fit a long-legged giraffe and the other made to fit a short-legged pony! Who else in the world could say that? (If you’re raising your hand at this point, we have to talk!)

I realize there are times to be serious and there are times to have fun. I’ve had a lot of the serious side. But I’ve also had a lot of the funny side. Our lives are what we make them. If we don’t share laughter, we’re missing out on blessings. Laughter brings people together. It makes a day brighter.

I laugh, therefore I'm blessed.

Through finding the ability to laugh at yourself, you too will be blessed. You’ll find a smile on your face as well as a smile on the faces of others. You’ll also discover the sunshine in your day.

Laugh. Laugh hard, laugh long, and laugh with others.

Be blessed.


Judy said...

Hi Lisa,
Your posts always leave me with such a great feeling. I walk away with a smile or learning something more about myself.

Laughter is something I need to do more of - there has been far too much serious stuff lately. So for today, it will be with my grandson - he makes me heart smile and sing.

Have a great Sunday. Take care,

Theresa Schultz said...

Hi Lisa,

I happened to read your post first and may I say, what a wonderful way to start the morning. Learning to laugh at ourselves is a great achievement and one that makes our lives easier and a heck of a lot more fun!


Carma said...

Lisa, your post put a smile on my face. Laughter is the best medicine and you are proving that.


lisa holdren said...

Hey Lisa,

You look so happy in your picture! I can see the humor even before I read about it. If you can't laugh you might as well be pushing up posies.

Lisa H.