Monday, June 30, 2008

Old-Fashioned Fun With No Bells & Whistles

Hello, Everyone...

Welcome to my blog. I'd like to share some of my experience in life and maybe a dream or two. I hope you'll find something of value here, something that creates a memory that will last a lifetime.

You don't need a lot of money, toys, or supplies to have fun with your family. There are so many ways to create memories without a lot of hassle. I'll be sharing tips to create simple crafts. There'll be ideas for games that take no supplies at all. And I'll give you ideas on how to handle anything from a bully to a power outage.

Sometimes our lives get so busy, we forget our families. It may be that you can't schedule a family dinner together because everyone's running their separate ways. Or maybe there's never a spare minute to just enjoy each other's company and talk. But I believe there's a way to stop, take a breath, and experience what family is all about.

Family togetherness is an important element in our lives. I can't imagine my life without mine, that's for sure. And it's important to create good memories for our children. We honestly don't need the "bells and whistles" that money buys. You won't find high-tech games or crafts with supply lists a mile long here. I'd like to give you old-fashioned ideas that remind you that a simple life is a good life. I'd like to help you bring your family closer together and create a tie that binds.

I hope you visit my site often. Have fun...



Dorit Sasson said...

Hi, Lisa,

This is a great blog idea!

The simple things are really free. I'll be looking out for more.

Have a good week,

Judy said...

Wonderful start and it is great to read the views of another woman like me.

What counts most in life isn't things! Looking forward to reading more.

Take care,

Carma said...

Hey Lisa,
Great ideas for families. I like the fact that you emphasize no bells or whistles. Family need down to earth logic sense and it looks like your blog will be the place to go.

Theresa Schultz said...

Great post Lisa. Some of the best times our family has shared have been around the table at dinner or just out for a picnic or camping trip - just being together! I look forward to reading your blog this week!